9-Year-Old Student Faces Accusations of Threats and Ammunition Possession at Las Vegas School

Las Vegas, NV - Authorities in Las Vegas have launched an investigation into a troubling incident at Freedom Classical Academy, where a 9-year-old student reportedly brought ammunition to school and made threats of violence. 

The incident came to light on Thursday when reports surfaced of the young student carrying two bullets onto the school premises. School administrators had already taken swift action, confiscating the ammunition and isolating the student from other students before law enforcement arrived on the scene, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

During their investigation, officers interviewed school administrators, several students, including the accused 9-year-old student, and one of the accused student's parents. 

Police confirmed that the student had not been in possession of any firearms, and there were no firearms found at the student's residence. Considering the age of the student and the absence of immediate or direct threats, authorities have decided not to pursue criminal charges against the young individual.

This incident has raised concerns about school safety and the need for continued vigilance in monitoring potential threats within educational institutions. Las Vegas police will continue to work closely with the school to ensure the safety and well-being of all students and staff.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to maintain an open line of communication with their children about the importance of reporting any suspicious behavior or threats to school authorities or law enforcement to prevent similar incidents in the future.