Altercation Between Baltimore County Police Officer and Teenager Sparks Review


An incident involving a Baltimore County police officer and a teenager is currently under scrutiny as cellphone footage captured the encounter.

The footage displays officers restraining a young boy in response to a trespassing call at the Baltimore County Public Library's Woodlawn Branch. Salaam Ismial, an eyewitness, recounted his observations.

"All of a sudden, I seen the two officers confronting this young man. And then, it went from a discussion, and then all of a sudden, he's on the floor," Ismial recounted to 11 News.

Ismial, who leads a youth and family advocacy group, decided to document the incident, expressing discomfort with the way the officers were handling the teenager.

"In one of the pictures, you'll see his fist actually connected to him, and I'm trying to do everything I can to try to say, 'Look, calm down, OK?'" Ismial stated.

He subsequently filed a complaint with the police, providing photos and video footage for examination. Baltimore County police have confirmed that the incident is currently under review by the Internal Affairs Division, following established protocols.

"Where's the de-escalation we've now been talking about around the country? These are high school kids. Give me a break. The guy might have weighed about 120, 125, and these two 200-pound officers (were) on this kid. Where do we get to a point where we say, 'OK, let's try something different?'" Ismial queried.

The Baltimore County Public Library issued a statement to 11 News, stating: "The minor in question was previously banned from Baltimore County Public Library for violating the rules of conduct. When the minor entered the Woodlawn Branch on Thursday, Sept. 14, staff called Baltimore County police to help enforce the ban. When officers arrived, staff allowed them to take control of the situation."

The Baltimore County Public Library expressed its intention to fully cooperate with the Baltimore County police in their investigation.