Arrest Made in Tragic Killing of 16-Year-Old in Baltimore


BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - In the wake of the tragic killing of 16-year-old Bryson Hudson, Baltimore police have confirmed an arrest. Christopher McLean Jr., 28, is currently in custody, facing charges of first and second-degree murder, attempted murder, reckless endangerment, and additional charges related to the incident.

Hudson's grandmother, Erica Colbert, expressed the profound impact of this loss, saying, "He's gone, and nobody can tell me why." Colbert is determined to share her traumatic experience and shed light on the violence that claimed her grandson's life.

Hudson, a junior at Digital Harbor High School in Baltimore City, was known for his vibrant energy and the ability to brighten any room he entered. He harbored aspirations of obtaining a commercial driver's license to drive trucks and explore the world.

On the evening of August 14, tragedy struck just steps away from Hudson's home. He was shot multiple times at the intersection of Ashland Avenue and Broadway, a short distance from Johns Hopkins Hospital. Another 26-year-old man was also injured in the incident.

Colbert emphasized the far-reaching impact of such violence, extending beyond the immediate family, affecting an entire community. She questioned the senselessness of the act and grappled with the motive behind taking her grandson's life.

"What could he have done that could have caused him to lose his life? What was so bad about him that someone could be so evil and take his life? I'm just not able to grasp hold of that concept. That has me so baffled," Colbert lamented.

Hudson had previously worked as a squeegee worker and later joined Mayor Brandon Scott's program, which aimed to provide alternative opportunities for squeegee workers.

Colbert, along with her family, is now seeking solace through grief counseling. Despite the arrest, she remains resolute in her pursuit of answers surrounding her grandson's untimely demise, hoping that his tragic death will not be in vain.