Baltimore Police Identify Suspect in Tech CEO's Murder, Link Him to Previous Violent Crime


Baltimore, Maryland - Baltimore law enforcement has officially named Jason Billingsley, 32, as the prime suspect in the tragic killing of Pava LaPere, the esteemed CEO of EcoMap Technologies. Billingsley is now sought for charges including first-degree murder, assault, reckless endangerment, and other offenses related to the case.

Pava LaPere, a visionary leader recognized in Forbes' "30 Under 30" for social impact in 2023, met a untimely demise at the age of 26.

In a startling revelation, authorities have linked Billingsley to another harrowing incident earlier this month. The violent act, which transpired on September 19th in the 800 block of Edmonson Avenue, involved attempted murder, arson, and rape.

Crucial evidence unearthed during the investigative process has solidified the connection between Billingsley and both crimes. Detectives are now delving into cases dating back to October 2022, exploring potential links to further incidents.

"Pava was that person who was always smiling, always optimistic and always willing to help others. Even the company she started was to help others. Pava was one of the best," expressed friend Mac Conwell.

While police have been circumspect in divulging specific details leading to Billingsley's identification as the murder suspect, it has been disclosed that he was released from prison in October 2022. The Maryland Department of Public Safety and Corrections noted that he was placed on mandatory supervision release, including good time credits.

Billingsley's status on the sex offender registry has recently been updated to "non-compliant," as he failed to re-register as mandated this month.

Court records reveal a history of violent offenses, with a sexual offense in 2015 resulting in a 16-year sentence (with 14 years suspended). Prior convictions include assault and false imprisonment in 2011, and a suspended five-year sentence for assault in December 2009.

In a plea to her son, Scarlett Billingsley, Jason's mother, urged him to surrender to authorities. She disclosed seeing him at her residence with a firearm, but expressed doubts about his willingness to disclose his whereabouts.

Police have issued a warning, cautioning the public that Billingsley is armed and dangerous. Individuals encountering him are urged to immediately contact 911.