Blacksburg High School Student Faces Multiple Felony Charges in Alleged Sexual Assault at Virginia Tech


Blacksburg, Va. -- An 18-year-old Blacksburg high school student, William 'CJ' Venie, is currently facing several felony charges following an alleged sexual assault incident that occurred in a Virginia Tech dormitory.

Court records indicate that Venie was arrested over the weekend and charged with rape, abduction, attempted sodomy, object sexual penetration, and strangulation.

Campus police were alerted to the incident on Sunday at Pritchard Hall, where the victim reported being sexually assaulted. According to records, the victim stated that she had initially met Venie through Snapchat and that they had mutually agreed to engage in consensual activity.

However, the document goes on to detail that Venie, at a later point, attempted to persist with sexual contact despite the victim's repeated refusals. Eventually, he allegedly resorted to forcibly assaulting her.

James Turk, Venie's attorney, informed WDBJ7 that Venie is currently a student at Blacksburg High School. According to Turk, Venie was released from jail on a $50,000 conditional bond.

While Turk refrained from providing specific details about the allegations, he expressed skepticism about their validity, suggesting that he believes the charges may not withstand scrutiny in court.