Coastal Flood Warning Issued for Cape May and Atlantic Counties in New Jersey


SEA ISLE CITY, New Jersey — A coastal flood warning has been issued for Cape May and Atlantic counties in New Jersey, with authorities anticipating minor to moderate flooding in low-lying areas.

Despite less-than-ideal beach conditions on Tuesday, some intrepid visitors to the Jersey shore ventured out to experience the coastal environment.

Chris Marcolina from Wyndmoor, accompanied by her dog Blue, remarked, "It's crazy on the beach but he loves it."

Sea Isle City's beaches have undergone significant erosion due to the combined impacts of Tropical Storm Ophelia and Hurricane Lee. Concurrently, street flooding has emerged as a concern, particularly as vehicles navigate through standing water, potentially leading to waves hitting homes and causing damage.

Visitors like the Kuhars from Williamsport, Pa., have taken precautions, moving their vehicle in anticipation of another high tide. Alan Kihar noted, "We had water this morning across the road. So yeah I don't know how deep it'll be but yeah it could be."

Avalon, too, witnessed beach erosion, though Scott Wahl, Avalon Borough Business Administrator, assured that despite losing about 25% of the new beach fill, the town still possesses a substantial beachfront to safeguard its residents.

Over the weekend, flood-prone areas, including the business district, experienced street flooding, with water levels rising up to the curbs. Similar conditions are expected during the upcoming high tide, possibly even higher.

Wahl emphasized the risks associated with driving through floodwater, cautioning, "They could be stuck in their homes without being able to move their cars. We ask people all the time, 'Do not drive through flood water.' It destroys your cars and puts you at risk."

Officials in Atlantic City have also issued a warning about potential commuting difficulties due to flooding in habitual problem areas during the evening hours.

For residents and visitors in need of relocating their vehicles to higher ground, complimentary parking is available on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings in the Wave Parking Garage.