Cook County Sheriff Reveals Operation to Thwart Out-of-State Gun Smuggling into Chicago


Chicago, ILLINOIS- Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart recently granted an exclusive interview to ABC7, shedding light on his team's successful operation in apprehending an individual involved in smuggling guns into Chicago from out of state. He also expressed his frustration over the suspect's subsequent release from custody.

The specialized gun team of the Cook County Sheriff's Office conducted the operation on September 14 in Humboldt Park, resulting in the seizure of an array of long AR-15-style rifles, a self-assembled and untraceable ghost gun, and handguns equipped with multiple extended magazines. Sheriff Dart emphasized that these firearms can be rapidly customized for use as weapons of warfare.

"When you combine that with one of these magazines, it's not difficult to see why there's such a high incidence of shootings," he stated.

Dart revealed that his team acted on a tip regarding an incoming gun shipment from an out-of-state source destined for Humboldt Park. During the operation, they intercepted a vehicle displaying plates from the East Coast. Within the car, deputies discovered that 20-year-old Lucio Chavez had concealed a substantial cache of high-powered weaponry.

"It was evident upon the arrest of this individual that these firearms were intended for use on the streets of Chicago," Dart affirmed.