Delaware Man Labelled "Serial Stalker" Receives Life Sentence for Decades of Domestic Abuse


New Castle, Delaware - A Delaware man described by authorities as a "serial stalker" has been handed a life sentence, culminating years of persistent domestic abuse. David Jewell, 47, residing in New Castle, received his sentence after being convicted on charges of felony stalking, harassment, and 24 counts of terrorist threatening, according to the Delaware Department of Justice.

Jewell came under investigation for unleashing a torrent of violent phone calls and messages targeting two victims, one of whom was a minor, officials disclosed. Shockingly, he persisted in issuing threats while serving a nine-year sentence at Sussex Correctional Institution for a prior conviction of second-degree assault and violation of probation, stemming from a separate domestic violence case.

Even after the Department of Correction curtailed his ability to contact the victim directly, Jewell resorted to using fellow inmates' SBI numbers and continued sending messages, authorities stated. Furthermore, he has been meted an additional two-year sentence for a distinct felony stalking case. This transpired after he dispatched over 100 abusive letters to the same two victims, breaching a no-contact order issued in September 2021.

Officials revealed that Jewell's criminal history extends back to 2001, encompassing over two decades of violence impacting five intimate partners and family members. This alarming record includes two convictions for violent felonies, six non-violent felonies, and a staggering 24 violations of probation prior to this latest case.

Attorney General Kathy Jennings expressed her outrage in a news release, stating, "This man’s actions have been completely unconscionable." She further emphasized that his extensive record of violence and relentless harassment, even while incarcerated, unequivocally establishes him as a threat not only to his victims but to the entire community. Jennings commended the efforts of the DOJ team and the New Castle County Police Department in handling these cases. She expressed hope that Jewell's victims may find some solace in knowing that he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.