Democratic Commissioner Criticizes Impeachment Push Against WEC Administrator, Citing Concerns Over Setting a 'Terrible Precedent'

MADISON, Wis. — Efforts by a faction of Republican lawmakers to initiate impeachment proceedings against Meagan Wolfe, the Administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, have been met with sharp criticism from Democratic Commissioner Ann Jacobs. She labeled the move as "just a mish-mosh of conspiracy theories" during an interview aired on For the Record.

Commissioner Ann Jacobs expressed her disapproval of the announcement made last Thursday, characterizing it as "more of the same nonsense." The Assembly resolution, which began circulating on Thursday afternoon, consists of 15 articles of impeachment outlining allegations of "maladministration in office and potential violations of election laws," as described by its sponsors.

"I read that impeachment document, and it is just a mish-mosh of conspiracy theories and ascribing to Meagan Wolfe the actions of the commission," Jacobs stated. She clarified that it is the commission that makes decisions, with Administrator Wolfe responsible for executing them, and she contended that Wolfe has faithfully carried out her duties.

Jacobs also expressed uncertainty about the Legislature's ultimate decision. Given the Republican supermajorities in both chambers, they could potentially impeach and remove Wolfe without Democratic votes. However, Jacobs voiced concerns about setting a precedent for removing officials from office over governing disagreements, deeming it "a terrible precedent to set."

"My hope is that this impeachment document is allowed to linger and die in the annals of the legislature," Jacobs added.

Earlier this month, the Republican-led Senate voted to dismiss Wolfe from her position due to concerns regarding her handling of the 2020 election. Despite the Senate's vote, Wolfe has remained in her role due to an ongoing legal challenge that questions the validity of the Senate's decision.

In June, the WEC commissioners voted 3-0 to forward Wolfe's reappointment to the Senate. Notably, the three Democratic appointees abstained from the vote, while the Republican appointees supported her confirmation. Democrats, including Attorney General Josh Kaul, have argued that because a majority of the six-member commission did not vote in favor of advancing her reappointment, the Senate lacked the basis to consider it.

On For the Record last week, Wolfe emphasized her determination to withstand political pressures, stating, "I won't give in to political pressure." She asserted the importance of election officials standing firm and not succumbing to attempts to intimidate or manufacture concerns about their actions.