Family Alarmed as 14-Year-Old Discovers iPhone on Airplane Toilet Seat

Boston — A concerning incident unfolded on a recent flight from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Boston, as the family of a 14-year-old girl claims she stumbled upon an iPhone affixed to the back of a toilet seat. They suspect deliberate targeting by a crew member.

On September 2, during American Airlines Flight 1441, the girl was directed by a male crew member to use the first-class restroom. The family's statement outlines that the crew member entered the restroom just before the 14-year-old, informed her of a malfunctioning seat, and assured her there was no cause for concern. After she exited the restroom, the crew member returned inside.

Upon using the toilet, the girl made a startling discovery. An iPhone, deliberately concealed, had been attached to the back of the toilet seat, presumably for recording purposes. She promptly captured an image of this with her own phone before leaving the restroom.

In a written statement, the family expressed their profound shock and disturbance over the sequence of events. They wrote, "These events have left our daughter — and entire family — shocked and profoundly disturbed."