Firearm Incident at Kepley Middle School Prompts Police Response and Detainment

KANSAS- Ulysses school district officially confirmed a police intervention at Kepley Middle School, which centered around a staff member in possession of a firearm. The Ulysses Police Department stated that "a firearm was recovered" during the response.

According to authorities, the sequence of events was triggered by an alert from USD 214 officials regarding a report concerning a staff member at the middle school who was allegedly in possession of a gun.

Providing an account of the incident, Ulysses Public Schools Superintendent Corey Burton outlined the course of action that led to the retrieval of the firearm and the apprehension of the staff member:

"The police were called to Kepley Middle School shortly before lunch to assist with a report that a staff member had a gun with them on campus. We quickly located this person and searched for a weapon. The staff member did have a gun with them. They have been detained by the police and will NOT be back in our buildings. The building has been cleared and we are back to normal routines. More details to follow once as the investigation moves forward."

Ulysses police have clarified that this incident is distinct from an earlier threat, and they are currently conducting investigations into both matters. Additional information will be provided as the investigations progress.