First Lady Dr. Jill Biden Visits Seattle, Emphasizes Cancer Moonshot Initiative

SEATTLE — The First Lady of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden, made a visit to Seattle on Friday to underscore the significance of the Biden administration's Cancer Moonshot initiative.

During her visit, Dr. Biden toured research facilities at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and participated in a panel discussion highlighting the crucial role of specialized care and research in supporting cancer survivors.

Advocacy for cancer research holds a deeply personal connection for President Joe Biden and the First Lady, who tragically lost their son Beau to cancer in 2015. Dr. Biden shared that her commitment to supporting cancer research dates back to 1991.

"I’ve seen what is possible when we invest in research," stated Dr. Biden.

In 2016, while serving as Vice President, Joe Biden led the Cancer Moonshot initiative, aiming to accelerate progress in the fight against cancer. In February 2022, the President and First Lady relaunched this initiative with new national objectives, urging collaboration to reduce the cancer death rate by at least 50 percent over the next 25 years.

A pivotal aspect of the Cancer Moonshot initiative is providing support to cancer survivors through specialized care and research. Fred Hutch is actively engaged in this vital work, specifically focusing on research and care for adult cancer patients.

During the panel discussion, Fred Hutch researchers explained their efforts in studying metastatic breast cancer among breast cancer survivors, highlighting the role of a Department of Defense grant in making their research possible.

Dr. Biden emphasized the growing importance of funding cancer research, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to delays in treatment and care.

"We lost so much time with screenings," noted Dr. Biden. "We’ve got to catch up on our screenings."

The panel also addressed the Fred Hutch Survivorship Program, which offers services to survivors transitioning from active treatment to life as a survivor.

Following her visit to Washington, the First Lady also participated in two private political campaign events in Shoreline and Mercer Island.