Fort Wayne BBQ Restaurant Owner Faces Felony Charges in Drug Bust

FORT WAYNE, Ind. - The proprietor of a Fort Wayne BBQ eatery finds himself in legal jeopardy as he confronts a slew of felony charges following a drug-related operation on Thursday, as revealed in court records.

According to official documents, undercover investigators conducted transactions involving cocaine with 47-year-old Derek Taylor, first in August and then again in September. Subsequently, the Fort Wayne Police Department initiated surveillance on Taylor's residence, noting a conspicuous increase in traffic, both in volume and frequency, at all hours.

Detectives further observed individuals moving between Taylor's residence and his establishment, Big Momma's Kitchen, located at 1307 Oxford St. The culmination of these investigations led to the execution of search warrants on September 14, targeting both Taylor's home and business premises.

During the search of Taylor's residence, law enforcement uncovered a staggering 1,466 grams of fentanyl. This quantity poses a significant danger, as a mere 2 milligrams of fentanyl can prove lethal, as indicated by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Additionally, authorities discovered 53 grams of M-30 pills containing fentanyl, nearly 78 grams of cocaine, and 281 grams of heroin. The search also yielded multiple scales and three firearms in Taylor's residence, along with an inoperative handgun at his restaurant.

In total, police estimate the street value of the seized narcotics at over $267,616.

Derek Taylor currently faces five charges related to the distribution of cocaine and narcotics, unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon, and the charge of maintaining a common nuisance.