Gunfire Incident Under Investigation in Downtown Burlington


Burlington, Vt. - On Friday afternoon at approximately 2:41 p.m., an incident involving gunfire occurred in downtown Burlington. Law enforcement agencies are actively investigating the matter.

The focal point of the investigation is situated outside Pizzeria Verità on St. Paul Street. Observers noted investigators carefully placing an evidence marker next to a lone shell casing found in the road.

Burlington Police Chief Jon Murad has confirmed that they are in the early stages of their inquiry. He also expressed the belief that it is improbable that anyone sustained injuries from the gunfire. "We’re going to be working to determine whether or not we can find any evidence about who discharged the firearm," Chief Murad stated.

Jeremy Venditto, the general manager at Trattoria Delia, recalled being in a meeting on St. Paul Street when he heard the gunshot. He and his colleagues rushed to the window, where they witnessed the aftermath. He described a gentleman crossing the street and urgently calling for someone to dial 911.

This incident marks the tenth gunfire-related event in Burlington this year, highlighting a concerning trend for the community and law enforcement alike. Further updates on the investigation will be provided as information becomes available.