Heavy Rain Triggers Flooding in Hoboken, New Jersey: State of Emergency Declared


HOBOKEN, New Jersey -- Intense rain wreaked havoc in Hoboken, transforming Madison Street into a temporary lake. The downpour left drivers navigating through water levels reaching the hoods of some vehicles, risking potential stalls.

Numerous parked cars succumbed to the deluge, stranded in their last positions. A resident took an alternate route to evade the inundated roads. Meanwhile, several garden apartments in Hoboken found themselves submerged and required extensive pumping efforts. Local authorities remain on high alert, anticipating further heavy rain on Friday evening.

Given Hoboken's susceptibility to flooding, a State of Emergency was declared Friday morning. Mayor Rhavi Bhalla emphasized the importance of residents staying indoors, cautioning that conditions were anticipated to deteriorate later in the day.

As of now, Hoboken officials report no injuries, but two rescues have been conducted. The fire department has responded to at least 21 calls for basement pumping.

Governor Murphy is closely monitoring the flooding crisis in both North and Central Jersey. He has declared a State of Emergency encompassing all 21 counties in the state.

Across the Jersey Shore, torrential rain has left several major roads submerged and impassable. Highways are inundated, leading to reduced visibility. In Sea Bright, residents observed the Shrewsbury River as the tide continued to rise.

Monica Pizzolato, an Instacart delivery driver, faced a challenging situation when her customer, located at the end of Navesink Drive in Monmouth Beach, was stranded due to flooding, blocking the way with a stranded SUV.

"I just hit her up and said that somebody's stuck and I don't know what to do now, so I have her food in my truck. This is bad. This is - it's been bad. It's bad," Pizzolato expressed.

The relentless surf continues to wear down the beaches, exacerbating beach erosion after days of turbulent weather. According to Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden, the situation is anticipated to worsen throughout the evening as more rain is expected. Additionally, tidal changes impede the water from flowing out and draining as it typically would.