Las Vegas Woman Files Lawsuit Against Cable Company and Technician Over Sexual Assault

Las Vegas, Nevada - A Las Vegas woman has filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against a former cable technician, the cable company, and a contractor after she was sexually assaulted inside her apartment, according to court documents.

Gregory Cameron, 34, had been serving a prison sentence for a lesser charge related to the incident, which occurred in 2020.

The lawsuit, which does not disclose the plaintiff's identity, was lodged late Tuesday against Cameron, Cox Communications, and End 2 End, identified as a contractor for Cox.

In June 2020, Cameron, described in the lawsuit as "wearing a uniform shirt bearing the logo of Cox," responded to a service call for internet issues made by the woman, who resided in an apartment near Russell Road and Nellis Boulevard in the southeast Las Vegas valley.

The woman recounted her encounter with Cameron to a grand jury in 2020, stating, "Well, when he first arrived he didn't introduce himself. He was flirting with my neighbors at first, so I was thrown off by that. And he asked, 'Do you have an appointment?' I said, 'Yes,' and he came in and he proceeded to do normal things that Cox, a Cox technician would do, just checking outlets. He was using his phone to check certain things, and that was for about 20 minutes."

While attending to the woman's internet connection, Cameron made inappropriate comments, asking her, "Do you have a boyfriend?" and remarking, "You're a cute girl," as stated in the lawsuit.

At one point, the lawsuit alleges that Cameron grabbed his genitals and repeatedly inquired, "What are your limits?"

"He was asking me, 'What are your limits?' And at first, I thought he was talking about my Internet, and I said, 'What do you mean what are my limits?' and he kept repeating that over and over again," the woman testified before the grand jury. "And that's when he walked across the room and pulled his penis out and exposed himself to me. And I put my hand up and I said you need to put that away and he did, he put it away right after I said that."

According to the lawsuit, Cameron proceeded to forcibly kiss the woman, perform a sex act on her, and engage in "forcible intercourse with [her] against her will."

The lawsuit states, "Cameron then stated to [her] that he had kids and instructed her not to tell anyone what he had done," and added, "Cameron then left [her] home and called her minutes later to tell her he was sitting outside her home and again instructed her to not tell anyone what he had done."

The woman immediately reported the sexual assault to Las Vegas Metro police, according to documents. In September 2020, a Clark County grand jury indicted Cameron on charges of sexual assault and kidnapping.

Cameron later accepted a plea deal for one count of attempted sexual assault, records indicated. As part of the agreement, he agreed to a maximum 12-and-a-half-year sentence with parole eligibility after four years. A judge also ordered Cameron to register as a sex offender. The lawsuit suggests that Cameron had an outstanding warrant for his arrest in California on domestic violence-related charges.

An investigator with Cox testified to the grand jury that the woman's work order was in a Cox database, but that Cameron was employed through a third-party vendor.

The lawsuit argues, "At all relevant times herein, Cox and/or End 2 End should have recognized that the work of an in-home service technician was likely to create a peculiar risk of harm to others unless special precautions were taken."

Following Cameron's arrest in June 2020, Metro police issued a news release urging any other potential victims to come forward. No other criminal cases were filed against Cameron.

The lawsuit lists sexual assault and sexual battery as the causes of action and seeks damages in excess of $15,000, which is standard in Nevada civil cases.

As of now, neither Cox nor End 2 End has provided an immediate response to requests for comment.