London police arrested a man after he allegedly climbed over a wall and entered the royal stables at Buckingham Palace

London, England - In a surprising turn of events, London police took into custody a 25-year-old man in the early hours of Saturday morning after he purportedly scaled a perimeter wall and gained unauthorized entry into the historic royal stables at Buckingham Palace.

The suspect was apprehended at precisely 1:25 a.m. on Saturday, facing charges of trespassing on a highly secured site, as confirmed by London's Metropolitan Police Service in an official statement. Subsequently, he was transported to a local London police station, where he remained in custody as late morning approached.

Authorities discovered the individual loitering outside the precincts of the royal stables during a thorough search of the area. Notably, there is no indication that he managed to breach the main palace or access its sprawling gardens at any point during the incident, police sources have disclosed.

Buckingham Palace, steeped in nearly 300 years of history, is presently undergoing extensive renovations, with King Charles III notably not in residence at this time. As the monarch was reported to be in Scotland on Saturday, further details regarding the incident and the suspect's motivations remain under investigation by law enforcement.