Major Pileup Adds to Surge in Accidents on I-80 East near Jordan Creek Parkway


A routine morning commute took a dangerous turn on Thursday as a collision escalated into a nine-car pileup, causing extensive delays on Interstate 80 East in proximity to Jordan Creek Parkway. The ensuing gridlock persisted for nearly an hour, exacerbating an already challenging rush hour.

While fortunate that only minor injuries were reported, this incident marks the 41st accident in the area since the construction project commenced back in June, as confirmed by the West Des Moines police. Tragically, two fatalities have been recorded within this statistic, though authorities clarify that one was deemed a suicide.

For those like Tiffiny Gaskill, who operates as a real estate professional within one of the nearby business complexes, such occurrences have become an unsettling norm. Gaskill consciously avoids taking I-80 to work, fully aware of the risks involved.

"Yes, on purpose, I absolutely avoid this stretch of the interstate in the mornings," Gaskill asserted.

The ongoing construction initiative led by the Iowa Department of Transportation aims to widen the lanes along this crucial roadway. The project, slated for completion by the close of 2025, seeks to address various contributing factors to these accidents, including distracted driving, inadequate following distances, and excessive speed.

Austin Yates of the Iowa DOT emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts to enhance safety measures, stating, "What we can do to make it safer is things like having state patrol help us out and run speed enforcement from the air."

However, the tight confines of the Des Moines metro area present logistical challenges. Yates explained that limited space for commuters and project acceleration is a consequence of closely positioned interchanges and the presence of homes, businesses, and apartments in immediate proximity to the interstate.

As commuters and residents grapple with the repercussions of these incidents, the pressing need for heightened vigilance and comprehensive safety measures remains paramount in the collective effort to mitigate accidents on this vital stretch of roadway.