Man Arrested for Alleged Shooting During Vehicle Theft in North Baltimore


Baltimore, Maryland - A 32-year-old man has been taken into custody for allegedly shooting two individuals, resulting in the death of one, as they attempted to steal his pickup truck from a North Baltimore neighborhood in August 2023, as stated in charging documents.

Kyle Cooper, 32, now faces first-degree murder charges in connection with the demise of 66-year-old Eric Gill. The incident, which transpired on August 31, led to Cooper's arrest on Tuesday, authorities reported.

According to the charging documents, Gill and his accomplice, 42-year-old Wayne Brown, were shot during their escape in the stolen truck. Allegedly, the pair had targeted Cooper's white 2004 Ford F350 after encountering difficulties attempting to steal a catalytic converter from a vehicle parked in the 4900 block of Gillray Drive.

Their initial theft attempt was thwarted by the vigilant owner, prompting Gill and Brown to depart the area in Brown's white Cadillac, according to court records. Later on, the Cadillac became inoperable, leading them to abandon it in the 1000 block of Hollen Road. It was at this point that they turned their attention to Cooper's pickup truck.

Upon discovering his truck being stolen, Cooper pursued Gill and Brown, the charging documents state.

Investigators determined that Gill and Brown had traveled eastbound in Cooper's truck on Hollen Road around 6:10 a.m. Surveillance footage obtained shows an individual exiting a residence on Chinquapin Parkway and entering the passenger seat of a black vehicle, which then trailed the stolen truck.

"Video evidence was recovered by investigators with at least one [of] the systems having been equipped with audio as well as video," according to court records. "A male's voice can be heard screaming 'Get the *** out of the car, get out, get out, get out,' immediately followed by five (5) gunshots that are then followed by four (4) more."

Investigators suspect that Cooper's mother, who was the owner of the black vehicle, was behind the wheel when Cooper began firing shots, as indicated in the charging documents.

Following the gunfire, a momentary pause was followed by a "crashing sound" and the "loud revving of a vehicle's engine," as per court records. Subsequently, three more gunshots rang out, followed by silence.

That morning, police discovered Cooper's truck unoccupied with the engine still running. It had collided with the rear of a parked light blue Toyota Solara, the charging documents detailed. Upon inspection, officers noted that the engine had been tampered with. A screwdriver and reciprocating saw were found inside the vehicle. Gill was found unresponsive on the street and was subsequently declared deceased by paramedics upon arrival at the crime scene.

Charging documents indicate that Cooper and his mother returned to the residence on Chinquapin Parkway after the shooting.

A search warrant was executed, leading investigators to discover a Glock handgun box, a gun holster, ballistic vest, and other items in a bedroom, as described in court records.

Authorities confirm that Cooper is prohibited from owning or possessing a handgun in the state of Maryland.

As outlined in the charging documents, he faces a range of charges including first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, second-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder, assault charges, and numerous firearm-related charges.