Manchester Man Sentenced to Minimum Six Years in Prison for Accidentally Shooting Pregnant Woman

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Corey Raikes, a 28-year-old resident of Manchester, has received a prison sentence of no less than six years after accidentally injuring a pregnant woman with a gunshot last year. The incident unfolded in Manchester, and Raikes potentially faces a maximum imprisonment term of 20 years, coupled with suspended sentences that will loom over him upon his eventual release.

Raikes entered a guilty plea on Wednesday, admitting to charges of second-degree assault and the possession of a dangerous weapon by a felon.

According to prosecutors, an errant bullet from a firearm discharged by Raikes last summer in Manchester found its way into the living room of a residence, striking a woman in the stomach while she was five months pregnant. Remarkably, both the woman and her unborn child survived the harrowing ordeal.

During the court proceedings, the victim's husband conveyed a statement written by his wife. He read, "Corey, you will never understand the indescribable fear of being shot in your abdomen at five months pregnant and not knowing for hours if the bullet hit and killed your unborn child."

Raikes' possession of a firearm was itself unlawful due to prior charges against him.

In her statement, the victim detailed the enduring impact of the shooting on her family. She stated, "Every day, I am reminded of what you did when I look at the scar left by the bullet that traveled into my abdomen, down my pelvis, into my backside, where it is currently lodged inside of me forever."

The presiding judge, David Anderson, expressed concerns regarding the intersection of drug use and gun violence in the city. He remarked, "You know, we have such a problem in this community with drug use and guns, and this sort of represents an intersection of those two cases, although it lacks the intentional aspect."

Manchester's Police Chief, Allen Aldenberg, echoed similar concerns, stating, "I do worry about the drug epidemic and the violence that is associated with that."

The parents of the injured woman shared that their baby is now nearly one year old and is thriving.