Manhunt Initiated for Accidentally Released Suspect in 2021 Homicide Case


Indianapolis, Indiana —A large-scale manhunt is underway for Kevin Mason, a suspect in a 2021 homicide case, who was inadvertently released from an adult detention center in Marion County, Indianapolis, last week, according to a statement released by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday. Officials are urging the public's cooperation in the search.

Kevin Mason, 28, was discharged from custody on September 13, a mere two days after his initial arrest, due to a "faulty records review" conducted by detention center staff, as reported by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

During a press conference held on Tuesday, Sheriff's Colonel James Martin conceded uncertainty regarding Mason's current whereabouts, including whether he remains within the county.

Mason's apprehension in Indiana on September 11 was prompted by three outstanding warrants from Minnesota. Among them, one specifically sought his detention on suspicion of murder in relation to a 2021 shooting incident in Minneapolis. Additional warrants were issued for an alleged parole violation and unlawful firearms possession, clarified Martin.

The erroneous release occurred when a Marion County sheriff's clerk, while rectifying duplicate bookings for the inmate, inadvertently removed two holds from Mason's file. The following day, a clerk in Minnesota released the final hold without detecting the prior error, according to Colonel Martin.

Both inmate records clerks responsible for the release have been terminated from their positions, with an internal inquiry currently underway, Martin stated.

"This was an error – this should not have happened. Mason should not have been released from our custody," emphasized Martin.

Upon discovering the error, authorities promptly launched an intensive round-the-clock search for Mason, which has remained ongoing.

This incident follows closely on the heels of a high-profile manhunt that captured national attention in Pennsylvania. Convicted killer Danilo Cavalcante evaded custody on August 31 by scaling to the roof and managed to evade capture for nearly two weeks before being apprehended.

The US Marshals Service, involved in the search for Cavalcante, has now extended its assistance in the pursuit of Mason.

The decision to delay public notification of Mason's inadvertent release for six days was made to maintain a "tactical advantage," according to Martin. "We have used this time as the quietness of the situation to not further run him underground and send him running further than what we wanted him to," Martin explained.

Mason maintains "local ties to Indianapolis" and has been in the area since the Minnesota incident he stands accused of, noted Martin. Investigators express concern that Mason may have left the area, and suspect potential assistance from an accomplice.

"He has obviously evaded law enforcement since 2021. We believe that he is pretty good at what he does," Martin acknowledged.

The sheriff’s office implores the public to provide any information regarding Mason’s current location.

Mason is described as weighing 205 pounds and standing approximately 5’9” tall, bearing a cross tattoo beneath his right eye and a tattoo reading “SUB” on his chest.

"We do not have any information that leads us to believe that the public is in any immediate danger at this time," assured Martin, while cautioning against direct contact with Mr. Mason in any capacity.