Missouri High School Teacher Placed on Leave for Performing on OnlyFans to Supplement Salary

A high school teacher in Missouri, Brianna Coppage, has been put on leave after it was discovered that she was engaging in performances on a pornography website to supplement her income.

Coppage, a 28-year-old English teacher at St. Clair High School, revealed that her teaching career is likely over, acknowledging that she was aware of the risks involved in her actions.

She disclosed to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that she was placed on leave following an interview with two school administrators on Wednesday. Her access to school email and other software has been suspended as the district conducts an investigation.

Coppage expressed, "It was kind of always like this cloud hanging over my head, like I never knew when I would be discovered. Then, about two weeks ago, my husband and I were told that people were finding out about it. So I knew this day was coming."

Superintendent Kyle Kruse issued a statement, stating that the district had recently been alerted to the possibility of an employee posting inappropriate content on one or more internet platforms. He added that the district has engaged legal counsel to conduct a comprehensive investigation, with actions taken in accordance with board policy and legal counsel's guidance.

St. Clair is situated approximately 55 miles southwest of St. Louis, and the high school has around 750 students.

Coppage revealed that she joined the OnlyFans website during the summer to supplement her income as a second-year teacher. According to the newspaper's public pay database, she earned approximately $42,000 last year teaching English to freshmen and sophomores. She stated that she had been earning an additional $8,000 to $10,000 per month through her activities on OnlyFans.

She chose the site because its content is accessible only to subscribers, which she believed would help protect her identity. Coppage claimed not to know how the district discovered her account and asserted that no content was filmed or posted while she was on school grounds.

While she acknowledged that she would likely never teach again, Coppage mentioned that her account had gained about 100 new subscribers since news of her situation emerged. She has also more than doubled her subscription price and intends to continue posting on the site.

"I do not regret joining OnlyFans. I know it can be taboo, or some people may believe that it is shameful, but I don't think sex work has to be shameful," Coppage remarked. "I do just wish things just happened in a different way."