New Jersey Fire Chief Leads Daring Rescue of Man Trapped Under 200-Pound Boulder


Over the weekend, Demarest Fire Chief John McLoughlin displayed exceptional bravery in a life-saving operation, rescuing a man who found himself ensnared beneath a formidable 200-pound rock.

Chief McLoughlin, the first responder on the scene, discovered the distressed individual lodged in a muddy brook, immobilized beneath the weighty stone.

Describing the ordeal, McLoughlin recounted, "It was pouring rain, it was cold, he was in this cold water for probably close to an hour. He was trapped between his kneecap and ankle, his foot was straight up and he just couldn’t move it."

The man, believed to be a visitor from Florida, was accompanied by a young child who swiftly sought assistance.

"I’m told he ran out to the road and started yelling for help, and someone heard him yelling and called 911," the chief informed NBC New York.

McLoughlin utilized an online map to pinpoint the exact location of the rescue, providing a visual representation of the rocky entrapment. Investigators revealed that the incident took place in a desiccated lake area near a local high school, with the weekend's torrential rains exacerbating the already challenging conditions.

The victim, visibly shaken and distressed, displayed signs of hypothermia and shock, emphasizing the severity of his ordeal.