Newborn Found Dead in Suitcase: Woman Faces Serious Charges


Idaho- In a distressing turn of events, a 32-year-old woman, Jessica Lynn Weeks, has been taken into custody after authorities discovered a deceased newborn in a suitcase, hidden within a doghouse.

Weeks faces serious charges, including felony injury to a child, felony failure to notify of a death, and felony destruction, alteration, or concealment of evidence.

The investigation began when the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office responded to a "suspicious circumstance" call near East Idaho Highway 40, near Downey, on June 5. The reporting party, whose son was incarcerated, had received information that there might be a "deceased infant possibly going to be located in a piece of luggage near the dog house in the back of the residence."

The incarcerated son revealed that the baby's mother was Weeks, and she chose not to go to the hospital due to her drug use. He also mentioned another woman, a friend of Weeks, who was present during the birth.

A second inmate confirmed witnessing Weeks placing a purple suitcase in the doghouse back in January. He stumbled upon the suitcase a few months later, discovering the tragic contents.

Law enforcement executed a search warrant at the residence and found Weeks, who was promptly arrested due to an existing warrant related to narcotics possession.

During the investigation, officers detected an "odor of decomposition" in the backyard. Subsequently, they located a "purple carry-on style suitcase" inside the doghouse. After removing the roof of the doghouse, they extracted the suitcase.

Upon unzipping it, detectives uncovered a "blueish baby blanket" and various insects. Beneath the blanket were the skeletal remains of the newborn along with decomposing tissue.

The alleged father of the baby denied knowledge of the events. He asserted that he had no information about Weeks' pregnancy, the birth, or the placement of the baby in the suitcase.

Weeks' friend, who had allegedly assisted during the birth, provided her account of the events. According to her, Weeks called on January 27 in a state of panic, indicating she was in labor and needed help. She mentioned that Weeks had resisted seeking medical attention despite her water breaking two days earlier.

During labor, Weeks reportedly paused to have a cigarette while the baby's head was still stuck. The friend described Weeks as being disinterested in the baby after its head emerged. The friend made efforts to clear the baby's airway and provide rescue breaths, but the baby's condition worsened.

Ultimately, the friend placed the baby in a diaper, wrapped it in a blanket, and put it inside the suitcase due to the lack of a suitable surface. Deputies confirmed this arrangement during their search, describing the residence as excessively cluttered.

Lab results confirmed that Weeks and the alleged father were the parents. Additionally, the infant tested positive for amphetamine and methamphetamine.

A subsequent FBI report indicated that the baby was between 36 and 40 weeks old and exhibited no signs of trauma.

Weeks has been booked into the Bannock County Jail with a bond set at $50,000. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for October 5. It's important to note that charges do not equate to guilt, and everyone is considered innocent until proven otherwise.