Nikki Haley Affirms Pro-Life Stance, Citing Husband's Adoption Story in Presidential Bid


SOUTH CAROLINA- Nikki Haley, a former state representative and contender in the Republican presidential primary race, has reinforced her pro-life stance by evoking a poignant family story. 

During her gubernatorial campaign in South Carolina, Haley often shared her opposition to abortion, drawing on her personal experience. She emphasized that her position on the matter is not dictated by party lines, but rather rooted in her family's own narrative.

"I’m strongly pro-life, very pro-life, and not because my party tells me to be, but my husband was adopted, and so every day I know the blessings of having him there," she expressed in 2010.

After securing victory in the race, Haley went on to serve a second term as governor before assuming the role of United Nations ambassador during former President Donald Trump's administration. Presently, she finds herself in a unique position as the sole female contender seeking the Republican presidential nomination, competing alongside Trump.

In a primary race infused with discussions about the future of abortion accessibility in the United States, Haley has chosen to reiterate the same personal anecdote she once shared in South Carolina, virtually word for word.

"I am unapologetically pro-life, not because the Republican Party tells me, but because my husband was adopted, and I live with that blessing every day," she affirmed before a New Hampshire audience in May.