Robbery Incidents Prompt Police Investigation at DePaul University


Chicago, Illinois - Following a series of recent similar incidents, authorities have launched a comprehensive investigation into two robberies that occurred on Saturday evening within the confines of DePaul University's campus.

In an official Public Safety Alert issued by DePaul University, it was disclosed that a forceful robbery transpired around 10:07 p.m. in the quad area near Seminary and Belden. The victims, seated on a hill, were approached by two individuals clad in black hoodies and gray pants, who subsequently demanded the cell phones of two of the individuals, as stated in the alert.

The suspects promptly fled in a southbound direction on Seminary.

This marks the fourth instance where students are believed to have been targeted by robbers, with previous incidents reported on September 9 and 17. In at least two of the robberies, victims sustained facial injuries as a result of physical altercations, as indicated by the police.

Individuals possessing any information pertaining to these incidents are urged to reach out to DePaul Public Safety at 773-325-7777 or the Chicago Police Department at 312-746-6000. The authorities are working tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of the DePaul University community.