Rockford Residents Apprehended After High-Speed Chase and Marijuana Disposal


Indiana - In a dramatic turn of events, two individuals from Rockford have been apprehended following a high-speed pursuit in northwest Indiana, during which they allegedly discarded bags of marijuana from their fleeing SUV.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Department reported that the incident unfolded when one of their detectives attempted to halt the vehicle on westbound Interstate 94 in LaPorte County on Wednesday afternoon.

Upon the detective's approach, the SUV rapidly accelerated, instigating a high-stakes chase.

The detective on the scene observed the vehicle's occupants discarding bags, later identified as containing what appeared to be marijuana, at various points along the route.

Subsequently, the SUV departed the interstate at State Route 49, endeavoring to access Indiana Dunes State Park in Chesterton, only to be thwarted by a secured gate.

Undeterred, the SUV executed a turnaround and continued its flight, with passengers persistently jettisoning bags from the vehicle.

Ultimately, the SUV came to a halt, culminating in the apprehension of two suspects.