Temple Hills Dealership Hit by Brazen Thief, Seven Cars Stolen Caught on Camera

In the latest burglary at a Maryland car dealership, law enforcement is on the lookout for a thief who managed to steal seven cars.

The entire incident was captured on surveillance footage at the Global Auto Outlet located in Temple Hills. Remarkably, this marks the second break-in at the dealership within a span of four months.

According to the dealership owner, the break-in transpired sometime between Thursday night and early Friday morning.

The surveillance footage from inside Global Auto Outlet vividly depicts how the thief gained access, meticulously searching through offices until he located the keys. The video further reveals the intruder entering a car on the showroom floor, but failing to locate the necessary keys. Undeterred, he ventures outside where he ultimately achieves success.

At one point, the thief is observed scouting for an exit route within the lot while in possession of one of the stolen vehicles. Eventually, he engineers his own getaway, plowing through a fence situated at the rear of the dealership.

By the time authorities arrived on the scene, both the thief and the purloined vehicles had vanished.