Tragic Incident Leaves Bay Area Family Mourning the Loss of 24-Year-Old Alona Gallon

ALBANY, Calif. - A heart-wrenching incident unfolded in Albany as the Gallon family grapples with the loss of their beloved relative, 24-year-old Alona Gallon, who tragically lost her life on Thursday at the hands of the father of her 7-year-old son.

The grim incident occurred at the Toyota dealership where Alona Gallon worked in the service department, shortly before noon. According to the police report, an armed individual entered the establishment and opened fire, fatally injuring Gallon.

In response to the dire situation, law enforcement swiftly arrived on the scene and engaged with the suspect, ultimately resulting in the fatal shooting of the assailant.

However, amidst the devastating turn of events, Alona Gallon's mother, Yuvonda Gallon, finds herself burdened with unanswered questions. Yuvonda Gallon revealed that she endured over six hours of anxious waiting at a nearby police station before receiving confirmation of her daughter's tragic fate.

Adding to the family's distress, Yuvonda Gallon expressed her frustration at the lack of information regarding her daughter's personal belongings, the number of gunshot wounds Alona sustained, and their location on her body.

Amidst this turmoil, Yuvonda Gallon is channeling her energy towards her 7-year-old grandson, King, who has been left without both his mother and father as a result of this tragic incident.

"The situation is profoundly saddening for me," Yuvonda Gallon stated. "I had to break the news to him that his mom and dad were gone, and he leaned back, saying, 'No, they're not,' as he walked out crying... he witnessed everyone's grief."

Alona Gallon shared an exceptionally close bond with her son, King. It's important to note that King's father, who was fatally shot by the police, had recently relocated to California from Atlanta. At the time of the shooting, the two were no longer in a romantic relationship but were actively co-parenting their son, King.

"This is going to be a tremendous challenge for our family, and for me personally, because my daughter was cherished by all. Everyone loved her," Yuvonda Gallon emotionally shared. "Her son will require therapy, and I, too, will need therapy."

In light of these difficult circumstances, the family has initiated a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to support King's therapy and help him cope with the traumatic loss he has endured.