Tragic Shooting in Romeoville: Suspects Dead After Fiery Crash in Oklahoma


Romeoville, Illinois - In a devastating turn of events, Romeoville police have identified two persons of interest connected to the fatal shooting of a family of four earlier this week. Tragically, both individuals have met their end in a fiery crash in Oklahoma.

The prime suspect, 31-year-old Nathaniel Huey Jr. of Streamwood, was pronounced deceased at the scene. Authorities swiftly identified him as a person of interest shortly after the discovery of the shooting victims.

The heart-wrenching incident unfolded at a residence in the 500 block of Concord Avenue in Romeoville, where four victims were found dead on Sunday night. Among them were Alberto Rolon, 38, and Zoraida Bartolomei, 32, along with their two young sons, aged 7 and 9. The family's dogs were also tragically found deceased.

A female person of interest was also identified in the case. 50-year-old Ermalinda Palomo of Streamwood, described as Huey's fiancee by her family, was with Huey at the time of the crash. Tragically, she succumbed to her injuries later in a nearby hospital.

Huey's Facebook page had identified Palomo as his wife, but her family clarified that they were engaged. Palomo leaves behind five children and five grandchildren of her own.

Palomo was reported missing or endangered by her family on Tuesday evening, adding another layer of complexity to the investigation.

Authorities revealed that Huey had extensive firearms training, posing an additional concern. He also operated a security business, which had been involuntarily dissolved earlier in the month.

The pursuit of justice led police to Catoosa, Oklahoma, where they located a vehicle linked to the suspect. An attempt to apprehend the suspect ensued, resulting in a single-car crash on Interstate 44. The vehicle caught fire, and both Huey and Palomo were discovered with gunshot wounds. Tragically, they both succumbed to their injuries.

While investigators have established a connection between Huey and the victims, the motive remains undisclosed.

The Bartolomei family, having recently moved from Westmont to Romeoville, released a statement expressing gratitude for the outpouring of support and solidarity. The family is currently focused on channeling support and love for their grieving relatives.

The young children, Adriel and Diego, were students in Valley View School District 365. The district has mobilized a crisis intervention team to support the school community in this time of immense sorrow.

As the investigation unfolds, the Romeoville community and authorities are left grappling with the tragic loss of a beloved family. The safety and well-being of the community remain paramount as they seek to understand the senseless act that has left them in mourning.