Tragic Shooting Incident Unfolds in DeLeon Springs Following Dispute Over Trees


DeLeon Springs — A 78-year-old resident of DeLeon Springs finds himself incarcerated without bail, facing allegations of fatally shooting his neighbor amidst a dispute revolving around trees.

Edward Druzolowski stands charged with second-degree murder in the tragic demise of 42-year-old Brian Ford.

Disturbing 911 recordings, made available on Monday, shed light on the distressing incident. It was the suspect's wife who urgently sought assistance. In tandem, the Volusia County Sheriff's Office released body camera footage, documenting Druzolowski's apprehension.

“My husband had it in his hand. He meant to scare him, and he hit him. He was on our property,” she recounted.

The mother of the victim shares a heart-wrenching account of the events. Her son, engaged in trimming tree branches for her, met a fateful end when he was shot in the presence of his 8-year-old child on Sunday evening.

She conveys that while relations with her neighbor were never warm, she never anticipated an outcome as tragic as this.