Two Indianapolis Police Officers Indicted for Shooting Sleeping Black Man


INDIANAPOLIS - A grand jury has issued indictments against two Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers involved in the shooting of a Black man who was found sleeping in a car parked outside his grandmother’s residence, announced prosecutor Marion County Ryan Mears on Friday.

Officers Carl Chandler and Alexander Gregory are facing charges of battery and criminal recklessness in relation to the incident that occurred in the early hours of December 31, when Anthony Maclin was shot on the city's north side.

According to Maclin’s attorney, Stephen Wagner, the officers discharged approximately 30 rounds, striking Maclin three times and necessitating 17 days of hospitalization for six surgeries.

At the time of the incident, the police department reported that Maclin was discovered asleep in the driver's seat with a firearm beside him. Officers then approached the vehicle, knocked on the window, and identified themselves as police, instructing Maclin to raise his hands.