11-Year-Old Youth Football Player Arrested for Shooting Fellow Players


Florida, USA - A startling event unfolded at a recreation complex in Apopka, just outside Orlando, as an 11-year-old youth football player was apprehended on suspicion of shooting and injuring two fellow players during practice on Monday night, according to authorities.

Apopka Police Chief Mike McKinley briefed reporters on Tuesday, explaining that the child discharged a firearm at two 13-year-olds after a dispute arose between them during a Pop Warner football session.

One of the teenagers received medical attention at a hospital and has since been released, while the other remained under treatment on Tuesday. The injuries sustained were to an arm and the torso, as detailed by Chief McKinley.

The 11-year-old accessed the weapon from his mother's unlocked car, where it was stored in an unsecured box, Chief McKinley disclosed. A single shot was fired, affecting both teenagers.

Responding to the incident, police swiftly arrived at the complex and subsequently detained the 11-year-old, who was then processed into a juvenile assessment center on a preliminary charge of second-degree attempted murder, Chief McKinley stated.

Authorities are now evaluating the possibility of pressing charges against adults involved in the incident.

Chief McKinley pointed out that video footage indicates the teens were in motion when the firearm was discharged. He clarified that the gun was legally owned, though the motive behind the altercation between the youngsters remains unknown.

The 11-year-old in question had no prior criminal record, Chief McKinley confirmed.

"We hope that the 11-year-old receives the necessary support to ensure this doesn't define the rest of his life," Chief McKinley expressed. "At 11, he has a long journey ahead of him. There's no doubt that he can turn things around."

A statement released by Apopka Pop Warner conveyed their deep sorrow over the incident, extending thoughts and prayers to the affected families.

In response to the incident, Tuesday's practices were canceled, and counseling services will be made available for those in need. Additionally, the organization plans to host parent meetings on Wednesday to address the situation and provide support.