A Glimpse at the Weather Ahead: Sunshine and Showers


Our "Pick of the Week" has graced us with an abundance of sunshine and pleasantly mild temperatures. However, this delightful autumnal weather is set to be fleeting, as we're keeping an eye on a bout of showers from Friday into Saturday. Currently, neither day appears to be a complete washout, but rather characterized by overcast skies with intermittent showers passing through.

Today, expect brilliant sunshine and temperatures comfortably in the mid-60s, a few degrees above the average high of 63°. As nightfall approaches, clouds will gather in anticipation of an approaching weather system set to influence our weather tomorrow and over the weekend. Friday morning will herald the arrival of rain, followed by a brief respite, though there may be periods of heavier rainfall. Saturday is shaping up to be the damper of the two days.

By Sunday, we can anticipate an upswing with drier conditions. As the system makes its exit, blustery winds and cooler temperatures will follow suit. The beginning of next week is predicted to commence on a dry yet chilly note, with the potential for widespread frost on Tuesday morning. As we progress through the week, temperatures are expected to moderate.

Stay tuned for further updates as we keep a close watch on the evolving weather patterns.