Brooklyn Teenager Accused of Fatal Stabbing Held Without Bail


At an emotionally charged arraignment on Thursday night, the Brooklyn teenager accused of fatally stabbing a beloved local activist through the heart was remanded without bail. Brian Dowling, 18, glanced back at his parents, visibly moved, during his initial hearing at Brooklyn Criminal Court. The case, which revolves around the tragic death of activist Ryan Carson, has captured the city's attention.

The prosecution presented their evidence against Dowling, who stands accused of killing Carson in front of his girlfriend at a Brooklyn bus stop in the early hours of Monday morning, just days before the victim's 32nd birthday. According to Prosecutor Jordan Rossman, Dowling allegedly attacked Carson "without provocation."

Two witnesses positively identified Dowling as Carson’s assailant from a photo line-up and confirmed he was the person seen in a video of the attack, stabbing the activist. Additionally, investigators found clothing matching the suspect in the video at Dowling’s residence, along with a knife, although its connection to the crime remains uncertain, Rossman stated.

Carson, a dedicated campaign organizer for the New York Public Interest Research Group, was returning home with his girlfriend after attending a wedding on Long Island when the tragedy occurred. The couple was waiting at a B38 bus stop in Bedford-Stuyvesant when Dowling allegedly approached Carson at random.

In the video footage obtained by The Post, Dowling can be seen knocking over mopeds before confronting Carson and his girlfriend. He proceeds to shout at them aggressively, followed by threats. The assailant then lunges at Carson, ultimately stabbing him three times.

Dowling now faces charges of murder and criminal possession of a weapon. His defense attorney, Kenneth Montgomery, emphasized that Dowling had no prior criminal record. Montgomery urged for "serious bail," emphasizing that Dowling poses no flight risk due to his strong ties to the community and his prompt arrest at his residence.

Judge Joshua Glick ultimately remanded Dowling, citing the severity of the charges and the information presented by the prosecution. The accused looked visibly affected by the ruling and exchanged waves with his parents, who were seated in the courtroom.

Dowling is scheduled to appear in court again on October 11. His family members left the courtroom without making any statements to reporters.