Defense Attorneys Withdraw from Indiana Double Murder Trial, Trial Delay Expected


Fort Wayne, INDIANA - In a surprising turn of events, the trial of an Indiana man accused of the double murder of two teenage girls is anticipated to face a delay as his defense attorneys have recused themselves from the case. This development arises amidst concerns regarding the security of crucial evidence.

Special Judge Fran Gull disclosed during a planned hearing that Richard Allen's attorney, Andrew Baldwin, orally motioned to withdraw from the case on Thursday afternoon. Judge Gull further indicated that she anticipates Allen's other attorney, Bradley Rozzi, will formally submit a written motion for withdrawal in the forthcoming days.

"We've had an unexpected turn of events," Judge Gull remarked.

Richard Allen, 51, was apprehended in October 2022 and charged with two counts of murder pertaining to the tragic 2017 killings of 13-year-old Abigail Williams and 14-year-old Liberty German. Maintaining his innocence, Allen pleaded not guilty to the charges, with his trial initially slated for January.