Donald Trump Denounces Trial as a "Scam" on Second Day in Court

Former President Donald Trump, on the second day of his legal battle, declared his trial to be a "scam" during a courtroom recess.

As the first break of the day concluded, Trump addressed reporters regarding the ongoing litigation led by New York Attorney General Letitia James. Trump faces charges of fraudulently inflating the value of his assets during business negotiations.

Trump's defense team contends that the Trump Organization consistently encouraged partners to conduct their independent assessments of Trump's properties. They also asserted that there are no identifiable victims of the alleged fraud.

"They were compensated, they profited, there was no deception. They are all satisfied. In numerous documents, it explicitly states that one must exercise due diligence. Do not rely on any one source," Trump emphasized. "This case is a sham. There cannot be fraud when institutions are instructed to carry out their own investigations."

It is anticipated that Trump will offer further commentary on the case during the second recess, to be declared by Judge Engoron.