Grieving Families Persist in Seeking Justice for Slain Teens in South Side Tragedy

SAN ANTONIO – More than a year has passed since the tragic murders of 15-year-olds Angel Ray Martinez and Gregorio Ricardo Cordova-Mejia at a South Side apartment complex on Pleasanton Road, but their families remain unwavering in their quest for answers from the community.

Describing her late boyfriend Gregorio, who she wishes to remain anonymous for safety reasons, his girlfriend said, "He had this big, goofy smile. He loved making people smile. It was like the class clown."

Tears welled up in her eyes as she glanced at their 2-year-old daughter, who was just a baby when the tragedy occurred. "She wasn't even a year old when it happened. When she sees a picture of him, she'll go, 'Hi Dada' or 'Bye Dada.' I just tell her that her dad loved her and that he just wanted the best for her," she shared.

Six months following the unsolved murders, Angel's mother, Jesica Martinez, took matters into her own hands by erecting a sizable billboard along Pleasanton Road, displaying the boys' faces and offering a $5,000 reward. "This is just a reminder to everybody around that the person who did this has not been caught," Martinez pointed out.

In an effort to maintain the momentum of their search for justice, the Martinez and Mejia families each raised $2,500 to boost the reward. They allocated $400 for the billboard update, with the remaining funds allocated to cover the monthly maintenance fee.

Martinez acknowledged the receipt of some tips but stressed the need for more substantial evidence. She has become involved in community groups that address rising youth violence, citing the "Search and Support San Antonio" organization as a significant source of support. "They help families for victims of unsolved crimes, missing people, the list goes on," she noted.

Martinez's quest for answers extends beyond her own family, as she recognizes the broader implications of youth violence in her community. "It makes me sad and makes me want to do something about it. Angel Ray was a good kid, and he didn't deserve this at all," she asserted.

Gregorio's girlfriend echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the need for justice for their daughter's sake. "She deserves justice. It is not going to bring him back, but that person doesn't deserve to be out there just in the streets when they killed somebody that had a family, a daughter."

In an impassioned plea to the community, the families implored that even the smallest piece of information could prove instrumental in solving the case. "If they remember anything at all, if they remember hearing anything, if they've seen anybody — certain color shirt — they know what kind of car was around, anything helps," Martinez urged.

A $10,000 reward awaits anyone whose tip leads to an arrest. Individuals with information can contact Crimestoppers at (210) 224-7867 to assist in this ongoing investigation.