Indiana Attorney General Issues Warning on Surge of "Phantom Hacking" Scams


Indiana — Attorney General Todd Rokita of Indiana has issued a stern caution to residents, alerting them to a notable uptick in hacking scams within the state.

These scams, dubbed "phantom hacking," involve perpetrators masquerading as tech support personnel, financial institutions, or government officials in a bid to gain unauthorized access to victims' finances.

Authorities emphasize that older individuals are frequently targeted by these unscrupulous actors.

According to the FBI, a staggering 19,000 complaints related to tech support scams were filed from the beginning of the year through June. Victims reported losses amounting to an estimated $542 million.

To shield oneself from falling prey to these fraudulent schemes, officials recommend adhering to these precautions:

- Refrain from clicking on pop-ups, links embedded in text messages, emails, or attachments.

- Avoid dialing any phone numbers provided in pop-ups, text messages, or emails.

- Exercise caution when downloading software from unknown sources.

- In the event of an unsolicited call, do not grant the caller control over your computer.

Authorities also stress that government agencies will never request funds via wire transfer, cryptocurrency, or gift cards.

If you suspect that you have been targeted by a scam, promptly reach out to the Indiana Attorney General's office for assistance.