Man Accused of Stalking Woman Across State Lines Using Airplane


BENNINGTON, Vt. — In a startling case, a man has been apprehended for allegedly stalking a woman in New York using his small airplane, which operated out of an airport in nearby Vermont.

Michael Arnold, 65, is set to make an appearance in court this Wednesday in Bennington, Vermont. His arrest occurred on Tuesday as he was en route to the William H. Morse State Airport in town.

Authorities state that his single-engine Cessna 180 was found at the airport, indicating he had been flying from there. Arnold, a resident of Manchester, New Hampshire, had been served with a temporary order of protection from a court in Saratoga, New York, back in May.

This order explicitly directed him to "cease and desist from flying any and all aircraft." The allegations surrounding this case have raised significant concern over the use of personal aircraft in potentially dangerous and unlawful activities. The court proceedings are expected to shed further light on the details of this unusual case.