Maryland Startup Cubismi Leverages AI for Advanced Disease Diagnosis


Chevy Chase, MARYLAND - In a pioneering effort, Maryland-based startup Cubismi is in the process of developing a platform aimed at assisting doctors in the diagnosis of diseases, including cancer, by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the diagnostic process.

Dr. Moira Schieke, a radiologist and the visionary founder and CEO of Cubismi, brings a profound understanding of the challenges confronting the medical field. She envisions creating a revolutionary platform, often likened to a "Google Map of cancer," which will seamlessly amalgamate intricate data, encompassing not only imaging but also clinical information categorized by specific sublocations.

Dr. Schieke elucidated, "So for example, for breast cancer, what this is going to mean is more precise, more personalized screening."

The revelation about Cubismi emerged during the fourth day of the much-anticipated DC Startup Week, shedding light on the promising strides being made in the medical industry's technological landscape.