Milwaukee Restaurant Tavolino Faces Abrupt Closure, Leaving Employees in Limbo

MILWAUKEE - Tavolino, a Milwaukee restaurant that had recently bounced back from a fire-related shutdown earlier this year, has unexpectedly shuttered its doors once again, leaving employees in a state of uncertainty.

In June, a fire incident forced Tavolino to halt its operations temporarily, but the establishment managed to make a comeback in August. However, the restaurant, located at Murray and North, has now closed indefinitely, as conveyed in a concise Facebook post on Monday, which stated, "It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce that Tavolino will be closed until further notice."

The closure came as a shock to employees, many of whom were suddenly out of a job. Darius Cardinalli, one of the employees, described it as "a complete shock," while Rene Herrera added, "It's like a slap in the face. And it hurts because I didn't see that coming."

A more detailed message from the owner informed employees of the decision to close Tavolino, explaining that it came after discussions with their accountant and landlord. Concerning their paychecks, the owner admitted, "I'll be transparent and tell you I don't have an answer at this moment."

Kayla Rodriguez, another affected employee, expressed her frustration, saying, "It was like a punch in the chest. Like I felt like the wind had got knocked out of me."

The situation is equally distressing for Andrea Lavigne, who claimed not to have received any pay since starting her job at Tavolino in August when the restaurant reopened following the June fire. Lavigne estimated her losses to be over $4,000 and stated, "I honestly felt, like, sick, and I felt like I've been robbed."

Despite their plight, the restaurant's owner has not responded to inquiries from WISN 12 News. Online court records reveal a legal dispute between the owner and another party.

In response to their dire financial situation, the affected employees have launched a GoFundMe campaign to help cover their bills until they receive answers about their unpaid wages.