Muncie Man Found Guilty of Assault on Pregnant Girlfriend: Controversy Surrounds Bail Decision


MUNCIE, Ind. - In a contentious turn of events, a Muncie man, Billy R. Simpson, 57, has been found guilty by a jury of assaulting his pregnant girlfriend with an ashtray. The incident, deemed a Level 5 felony, has raised concerns as Simpson, despite prior convictions and a history of failing to appear in court, has been granted bail until his sentencing on November 30.

Simpson's conviction, which carries a potential sentence of one to six years in prison, stems from a January 2021 incident at a Muncie apartment on Elm Street. Court documents indicate that Simpson allegedly assaulted his three-and-a-half-month pregnant girlfriend, including striking her in the head with a glass ashtray. The victim, fearing further harm, expressed reluctance to cooperate with the investigation, stating that "Simpson was just going to kill her when he got out anyways."

Prosecutor Eric Hoffman expressed disappointment at Judge Kimberly Dowling's decision to grant bail, particularly in light of Simpson's previous battery and domestic violence convictions, as well as his history of failing to appear in court. Despite these factors, Simpson will remain free until his sentencing hearing.

Hoffman voiced concerns for the victim's safety while Simpson remains at large, emphasizing the gravity of the situation. The sentencing, scheduled for November 30, will determine the extent of Simpson's incarceration.

The case has ignited debate over the handling of bail for individuals with a history of violence, prompting a reexamination of the legal process in cases involving domestic battery.