Seasonable Temperatures and Hazy Skies Expected in the Northeast


Rhode Island — Today, the weather is set to bring temperatures that align closely with the seasonal average, with afternoon highs projected in the low 70s.

Throughout the week, a dominant high-pressure system will govern conditions in the northeastern region. This high-pressure center, initially positioned over NY/PA, will gradually shift southward, resulting in prevailing westerly winds. These winds will usher in warmer temperatures over the next 48 hours.

Residents may recall the presence of wildfire smoke earlier in the summer. Unfortunately, this issue has resurfaced. Sunday witnessed a gray overcast due to the smoke, and though today's smoke concentration will likely be less dense, a haze is anticipated in the sky. The most pronounced effects of the smoke are expected in areas to the west.

While the majority of the smoke remains at higher altitudes, some ground-level particles are still detectable, leading to a moderate air quality rating for the day.

Tonight, clear skies will prevail, accompanied by cooler temperatures in the low 50s.

For further updates and detailed forecasts, stay tuned to reliable local weather sources.