Unseasonably Warm Weather Poses Challenges for Local Farms


Local farms in Rhode Island are grappling with unforeseen obstacles due to unseasonably high temperatures this fall.

With the mercury soaring 10 to 15 degrees above the norm, beach outings have become the preferred pastime, stealing attention away from traditional autumn activities. Many have taken advantage of the extended warm spell along the coast.

However, this shift in focus has created a dilemma for local farms, and the prospect of more rain in the forecast this weekend only compounds the issue. Encouraging visitors to partake in the fall festivities has become a struggle for numerous businesses.

Jonathan Confreda, General Manager of Retail at Confreda Greenhouses and Farms, lamented the predicament, stating, “No one wants to come visit the farm when it’s raining out. But if it’s 90 degrees out as well, no one wants to come out to the farm either.”

Confreda emphasized that the current period marks the pinnacle of the harvest season. He urged people to support local farms by visiting and making purchases. However, the consistent rainy weekends have thwarted these efforts.

Given the lost days this season, Confreda revealed plans to extend their Scary Acres Haunted Attraction through the first weekend of November for a special “Black Out Night.” This extension aims to make up for lost time and provide visitors with an opportunity to enjoy the seasonal offerings.