Weekend Weather Outlook: Showers and Breezy Conditions Ahead


VERMONT -  Good Friday morning, everyone! The day is kicking off with brisk winds, partly to mostly cloudy skies, and temperatures ranging from the 50s to the 60s. As we move forward, expect cloud cover to increase progressively through the late morning and into the afternoon. This shift is due to a boundary making its way into the North Country.

In northern New York, isolated showers and potentially heavier downpours may occur as the boundary reaches the region later in the afternoon and into the evening. High temperatures will reach the upper 60s to mid 70s, accompanied by south winds gusting up to 30 mph.

Overnight, cloud cover will continue to build, and additional showers are anticipated to develop.

As we transition into Saturday, expect those overnight showers to intensify, resulting in a steadier and more pronounced rainfall. Saturday may be characterized as a near washout, with temperatures peaking in the mid 60s during the afternoon. There is also a possibility of localized flash flooding.

By Sunday afternoon, the showers will gradually taper off, and we may catch a glimpse or two of sunshine. Afternoon temperatures will settle in the upper 50s, accompanied by a brisk north wind. All in all, by the end of this weekend, we can expect an average rainfall accumulation of 1 to 3 inches. Stay weather-aware and plan accordingly for the upcoming days.